semester-end project options #513dr

Given the nebulous nature of working around, in, and with digital rhetoric, I think it only makes sense that we have some options for the semester-end project. Note: all project options have the same deadlines. That is, all project proposals are due March 27, all project drafts are due April 3, and all project revisions are due April 10.


Option #1
Compose a professional article in accordance with the submission guidelines of one of the following journals:




Option #2
Use at least three kinds of digital media and/or online technologies to present a unified, purposeful identity. Of course, pre-existing accounts (, Twitter, and otherwise) are off-limits for this option. This identity should represent a facet of the user of a client chosen by the user. Given our various and sundry areas of interest and backgrounds. I want there to be as much creative opportunity with this option as possible. A focus on professional or other uses of digital media to create a portfolio appropriate for a company, freelance agency, or non-profit organization is welcome. A more internal focus and use of the project as a means to represent a certain aspect of identity (gamer, reader, student, teacher, writer, etc.) is also welcome.

Strong consideration should be given to a singular facet of identity. Be aware of how the specific use of a particular digital medium/technology is indicative of a certain part of your unique identity. 

Necessary to this option is a written component of at least 1500 words to accompany the portfolio. This reflective piece of writing should be a commentary on the identity performed as well as the decisions made during the portfolio’s construction. The written component should also discuss the media/technologies used and why as well as consider color, font, overall design, and other factors contributing to the identity performed. Discussion of possible changes in the future and/or notes on what could have gone better should also be included in the written component. 


Option #3
Design a significant digital document. The content of the document is up to you, but it should be a self-aware effort that incorporates, reflects upon, and even challenges what we’ve discussed this semester. If you choose to design a significant digital document, please run your ideas by me sooner than later.

If you decide to pursue this option, you will also need to write a statement of intent/introduction for your significant digital document. This statement will be of at least 1500 words and outline the goals of your document. In your statement, please consider the following questions:

  • What were you trying to achieve? 
  • What effect or meanings were you after? 
  • What subtextual meanings were you trying to evoke? 
  • Why did the project take the form it did? 
  • What was your decision-making process regarding design? 
  • Why did you do what you did and how do those choices mesh with the themes or goals of your work? 
  • What difficulties and/or epiphanies occurred as you created your project? 
  • What would you do differently next time?

With your document and your statement, I’ll be looking for evidence that you absorbed and thought about many of what we’ve discussed this semester regarding digital rhetoric.