inviting adoxography

One of the three new courses I'm responsible for guiding this fall is ENG 298 Analysis & Criticism of Video Games. With equal focus on playing and research as reading and writing, and Frans Mayra's Introduction to Game Studies as a primary text, I intend the course to be an introduction to the myriad kinds of writing about video games, including commentary, history, news and reviews. An exploration of past, present and future issues within video games, I envision 298 as a course engaging students on multiple levels and one such offering is in the form of achievements.

Academic courses and video games share a similarity here in that rewards and success were once marked by very few, namely the instructor/designer and the student/player. The introduction of achievements, though, with the next-gen consoles made for an enhanced gaming experience, one that could be better acknowledged by and made public to others. Given the focus of 298, I thought it appropriate to create achievements complementary to the course. In no way are these tied to extra credit or anything like that. Just like video-game achievements, ENG 298 achievements are for the purposes of personal pride. All students will earn some achievements, but I'm curious to see if any go the distance.

I should also mention that I cannot take credit for every achievement listed. Those marked with an asterisk were either lifted from here or were suggested by a colleague or friend. With the start of the semester about six weeks away, I welcome any/all additional suggestions, too.

Achievement is My Middle Name: Earn all achievements.

Bloggery: Set up a Blogger account.

Bloggorhea: Make 100 or more quality posts and/or comments on other people's blogs.*

By Any Other Name: Refer to Dr. Schirmer by his gamertag in three different class sessions.

Citation Mastery: Submit a Works Cited page that is 100% correct in MLA format.*

Console Commando: Log at least 20 hours of playtime on at least three current consoles (DS, PS3, PSP, Wii and/or Xbox 360).*

Extremes Annoy Me: Avoid fanatical discourse in all work.

Finish Them!: Complete all assignments on time.

Googly-Eyed: Set up a Google Docs account, including a "Share with Others" invitation.

Plays Well With Others: Log at least 20 hours of playtime with a classmate outside of class.

Rave Reviewer: Make 100 or more helpful comments on a classmate's work.*

Research Renegade: Submit a draft referencing at least 6 peer-reviewed, academic journal articles.*

Seriously Good At This: Earn highest marks for the course.

Sesquipedalian: Write a piece using at least 30 words from this list. Must be used in context and make sense.*

Speaking Centered: Make and keep at least two speaking appointments at the Marian E. Wright Writing Center.

Speedrun!: Submit three pieces at least 24 hours prior to ultimate deadline.

Still Alive: Earn a passing mark for the course.

Stop, Collaborate and Listen: Work with at least one other student on a project.*

The Meatbag Speaks Without Clarity: Submit an incomplete piece for review.

The Status Is That It Sucks: Provide constructive criticism on at least five pieces.

Timing is Everything: Complete an oral presentation in an exact 10 minutes.*

Twitterpated: Set up a Twitter account, including a profile picture and mobile phone access.

Wake Up And Smell The Ashes
: Identify at least five achievement titles with their respective games.

We Are Moved To Tears By The Size Of This Thing: Exceed minimum requirement on a piece by at least 800 words.

Word Counter: Turn in a draft with an exact 1000 words, excluding heading/works cited.*

Writing Centered: Make and keep at least four writing appointments at the Marian E. Wright Writing Center.