Discipline-Specific Scholarship, updated winter 2012 #112cwr

Having read, researched, compiled, annotated, commented, and reflected on academic sources related to your intended major/profession, we should have a better foundational knowledge of what constitutes quality and/or expertise within a specific field of study. Part of this greater understanding concerns expectations of quality and/or expertise in writing for future courses. Now is the time to apply that knowledge toward a specific end.

Using sources from the Pop Up and Mashup Scholarship assignments as models (and/or as references), compose a piece adhering to the conventions, arguments, and styles of writing associated with your major/intended profession. This can be any kind of a piece appearing in one of the major journals in your field of study. It could be a substantial book review, a research essay, or a critique of a past article. 

The piece composed should showcase an argument similar to those appearing in discipline-specific journals. The piece composed should also showcase positive format and style characteristics similar to those highlighted during the Mashup and Pop Up Scholarship assignments. So, while you should adhere to the default 2400-word requirement, the main requirements for this assignment are those specified by dominant journals in your field of study. If you have any trouble getting started, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Part 1 (pecha kucha, due 3.13, 3.15, 3.20, 3.22). In a 6-minute, 40-second presentation, propose and summarize your approach to this assignment, including discourse adoption and potential source support.

Part 2 (online, due 3.27, 3.29). In a series of Pen.io pages, execute your proposal in time for instructor and peer review.

Part 3 (online, due 4.3, 4.10). In light of comments received during instructor and peer review, revise and update your Pen.io pages.