Delicious Every Other Day 12.3.09

Learning to Play: The Potential of Gaming in the Classroom
"After learning what videogames could do for a classroom full of students, I soon found myself responsible for both designing and teaching a college composition course over the next three semesters. I knew then what I had to do."

YouTube: the People's University of the Internet
"Education has been slower than other sectors to respond to the digital revolution but through YouTube it is catching up."

Facebook profiles capture true personality
"Online social networks such as Facebook are being used to express and communicate real personality, instead of an idealized virtual identity, according to new research from psychologist Sam Gosling at The University of Texas at Austin."

Your Life Is Online
"People are committing all kinds of personal data to online repositories, through the likes of social networks, online commercial activities and behavioural tracking systems. These collations of data can say a lot about who we are - at the time of record - or (possibly) the image we wish to project of ourselves."

The Over-Prompting of Young Writers
"The obstacle is that one prompt doesn't fit all because kids need to make personal connections to their writing topics."

Skip the Sub and Teach with Twitter
"I thought to myself, 'How can I still be a presence in my classroom when I can't be there?' I could create movies of my own teaching, of course. But that wouldn't be interactive. And it would require my sub to run the technology of the room, and that is its own challenge. So I decided that I would try an experiment -- Twittering with each class period."

My Hilarious Warner Bros. Royalty Statement
"we all know that major labels are supposed to be venal masters of hiding money from artists, but they’re also supposed to be good at it, right? This figure wasn’t insulting because it was so small, it was insulting because it was so stupid."