Delicious Every Other Day 12.1.09

The New Writing Pedagogy
"Grammar and spelling are not emphasized, because the focus is on communicating with peers in fast microposts, but Allison says he works with students to self-assess and then eventually grades the bigger discussion pieces that include quotes from many different online resources and multimedia."

Anatomy of a Search

When I teach research methods in the classroom, I often concentrate on doing real-time, live searches based on suggested topics from the class while narrating some of the ideas and choices I’m thinking about as I go from one resource to the next."

The Rise and Fall of Media
The most popular books of the holiday season have become cat toys in a price war between online and offline retailers. Newspapers still hang onto a portion of seasonal ads, but the retail chains that place them have consolidated into a much smaller cohort, and much of their spending is bifurcated between old and new media marketing. Magazines intended to help the reader primp for Christmas parties are, in many cases, half as big as they were just a few short years ago."

UC Irvine takes video games to the next level
Once ridiculed within university halls as merely a nerdy pastime, computer games are being promoted to a full-fledged academic program at the Irvine campus, a medium as ripe for study as the formats before it: film, radio and television."

How many virtual war crimes have you committed?
Perhaps games could take into account the legal ramifications of a player's actions in their epilogues. If he or she goes around torturing people and laying waste to civilian areas, the game’s ending might change from the soldier flying off into the sunset a hero to a court room scene in which a judge lists off his criminal indiscretions, lecturing how the ends don't justify the means before passing sentence."

Psychology of Cyberspace - The Online Disinhibition Effect
"As you move around the internet, most of the people you encounter can't easily tell who you are. System operators and some technologically savvy, motivated users may be able to detect your e-mail or internet address, but for the most part people only know what you tell them about yourself. If you wish, you can keep your identity hidden. As the word "anonymous" indicates, you can have no name - at least not your real name. That anonymity works wonders for the disinhibition effect."